Includes... ...

  • Supply labour & prepacked material for laying of 2FT x 2FT homogenous floor tiles for living.
  • Construct main door kerb/ slop.
  • Alteration of main door / main gate (if necessary).

  • Laying of cement screeding using prepacked materials for all bedrooms.
  • Supply & lay click system vinyl floor planks (5mmTHK) for 2 OR 3 bedrooms c/w laminated skirting.

  • Construct kitchen cabinet base complete with side tiling.
  • Design & fabricate 10ftL bottom & 10fL top kitchen cabinet in laminate finishing.
    - c/w ABS trimming doors solid ply doors
    - c/w x01 panel aluminium frame glass door
    - c/w soft-closing hinges
    - Dish drainer tray
    - c/w softing closing tracks for drawers
    - Cutlery tray
  • Supply & install 10ftL china quartz kitchen worktop c/w 50mmHT backsplash & 20mm front profile.
  • Supply labour to run wiring & install cooker hob/hood.

  • Supply labour and material to install kitchen sink and sink tap.
  • Supply labour to install 2 sets instant heaters / 1 set storage tank.
  • Supply labour to install 2 sets bathroom accessories.

  • Construct shower kerb complete with tiles for both bathrooms.
  • Supply and install 10mm THK clear tempered glass shower screen (x01 fixed, x01 swing) - For MBATH.
  • Painting of whole unit using Nippon paint c/w (4+1) colours include all pipings.
  • Lay protection sheet for flooring.
  • Chemical washing for whole unit flooring.


> Cooker Hood / Hob Set
> Kitchen Sink
> Sink Tap